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You can schedule reports to run automatically at regular intervals. Emails are sent to selected recipients with a link to the report. You can choose to add a CSV or PDF attachment to the email.

To schedule a report, follow these steps:

  1. From the Reveal navigation bar, click Reports
  2. Run the report if you have not done so.
  3. From the tab bar on the left, select Recently Run.
  4. To open a report, click the Open this report icon for the report you want to see.
  5. To open the Schedule Report window, click SCHEDULE.

  6. To schedule how often you want to run the report, select the check box beside Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. You can select more than one option.
  7. To set a time range, select a start and end time from the Include time range lists.
    Note: This option is unavailable for some reports.
  8. Select the check box beside each day you want to include in the report.
  10. To select users to email the reports to, select the check boxes beside their names.
    By default, all users with Reveal profiles are displayed in the list. You can filter the list by clicking All Groups and selecting a group from the list. You can send the report to a group by clicking GROUPS and selecting a group from the list. To add users to Reveal, go to Create users in Reveal.

  11. To send the reports to people who are not in the user list, in the Additional Emails field, enter the email addresses, separated by commas.
  12. To attach a file to the report, select Attach a file in the format of and choose CSV or PDF from the list. If you do not attach a file, recipients can view the report via a link in the email only after they have entered their login details.
  13. Click SAVE CHANGES.

View and edit scheduled reports

To view your list of scheduled reports, in the Reports tab, click Scheduled Reports. The Scheduled Reports page displays the following columns:

  • Creator: The name of the person who created the report.
  • Report Name: The title of the report.
  • Report Type: The type of report that is scheduled.
  • Last run: The date and time when the report was last run.
  • Format: How to email the report to recipients: LinkOnly, CSV, or PDF. Emails with a CSV or PDF attachment will also have a link. If you clear the check box next to CSV or PDF, the report is sent only as a link.
  • Status: Whether a scheduled report is Active or Inactive. To change the status, select the check box in the Creator column and select Activate or Deactivate. An inactive report no longer runs automatically. However, it remains in the list and you can reactivate it later.

  • Edit: To open the Scheduled Report window, click the pencil icon. In the Edit Scheduled Report tab, you can edit the Vehicle/Driver Selection, Report Options, and Advanced Options. You can also make changes in the Frequency & Range and Recipients tabs.

  • Delete: To delete a scheduled report, click the trash icon.

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