View the activation status for your built-in telematics

Vehicles that have built-in telematics do not need hardware installed for tracking, but they might require an activation task. This article describes how to view vehicles that are in the process of connecting to built-in telematics and require additional actions to connect to Reveal.

To view the activation statuses of your built-in telematics vehicles that are not yet fully connected to Reveal:

  1. In Reveal, click your initials in the upper right corner of the screen.

  2. Click My Account.

  3. In the Manage your equipment and service requests section, click Built-in telematics.

  4. The Built-in telematics page opens, and lists all of the vehicles that are currently being connected to Reveal. The following screenshot shows some Ford and GM vehicles that are being processed.


On the Built-in telematics page, the activation status of each vehicle is listed in the STATUS column. Any required actions are listed in the ACTION column. You can click on the link in the ACTION column to perform the action to complete the vehicle connection, or to find out more information about the action required.

Ford and GM built-in telematics solutions have different statuses and required actions, but they share one common activation status:

  • Processing information: Reveal is in the process of creating a connection with the telematics built into the vehicle. Wait for a few minutes and check the status again. If the vehicle stays in this state for more than an hour, contact support.

For information on activation statuses that are particular to Ford and GM, see the following articles:

Once your vehicles are connected to Reveal, they can be viewed in the vehicle list and on the live map.

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