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When swapping an old vehicle tracker with a new one, the new tracker must be linked to a specific vehicle in your Reveal account. To do this, you must update the vehicle tracker recorded in Reveal to point to the new tracker. If you are unsure whether your new vehicle tracker is linked to your Reveal account, contact support.

To update the vehicle details after the installation of the new vehicle tracker:

  1. In Reveal, click on your account profile and then select Admin.
  2. Under Vehicles, click Vehicle List.

  3. Click on the pencil icon next to the vehicle that you want to edit.

  4. On the Details tab, under Tracker Information, click SWAP VEHICLE TRACKER.

  5. If this vehicle has a tracker installed that can be swapped, the link SWAP VEHICLE TRACKER is shown. Some vehicles have built-in telematics hardware installed, which can’t be swapped. Click on SWAP VEHICLE TRACKER.

  6. Confirm that the new vehicle tracker has already been installed in the vehicle by clicking SWAP VEHICLE TRACKER on the dialog box. If the new tracker has not been installed yet, click CANCEL, and make sure that the new tracker is installed before you continue updating the vehicle details.

  7. On the Tracker Information tab, enter the new Electronic Serial Number (ESN).

    You can enter the entire ESN or, alternatively, enter the first four numbers and then select the ESN from the list. The ESN must be valid and already linked to your Reveal account. See this article for information on where the ESN is located on your tracker. If the ESN can’t be validated, contact support.

  8. Click CHECK ESN to perform a validation check on the new ESN. If the ESN is valid, click SAVE CHANGES to confirm the vehicle tracker swap.

  9. Click SAVE on the dialog box to save all changes. img-en-us-edit_vehicle_confirm_tracker_swap.png

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