Create a geofence

  1. Go to Live Map and right-click on the vehicle that you want to create the geofence for. Click Create a Geofence here.

    The Create geofence panel opens and a geofence shape, with a circular perimeter, is added to the map around the address where the vehicle is located.
  2. You can select a different shape by clicking the shape icons at the top of the map. Use the custom shape Screenshot_2023-03-08_at_14.34.44.png to create a geofence around a parking lot, or a site with an irregular boundary. Adjust the size of the geofence by dragging the dots on the perimeter, or move the geofence by dragging from inside the perimeter. Alternatively, you can decide the location of a geofence by clicking the map to create an outline.
    An address is automatically added to the Address field.
    When you create a geofence perimeter, avoid overlapping the perimeter with another geofence, as this can make it difficult to identify geofences on the report.
  3. In the Name field, enter a name for your geofence (this is mandatory). Reveal refers to the geofence by the name you create, rather than the address. The name also displays in Reports and Live Map. Use this name, or the geofence ID, to search for the geofence in Reveal.
  4. To add the geofence to a group, open the Select group option and use the checkboxes to select one or more groups. If you have many geofences, groups help you to organise them more efficiently. Only users with access to the group will see that the geofence is assigned to that group.
  5. To add the geofence to a category, open the category list and select one.
  6. In the Advanced Options tab, you can choose to enter a Contact Name, Contact Phone Number and a Geofence ID. You can use geofence IDs to search for the geofence in Live Map and on Reports.
    If you don’t want the geofence to appear on Live Map, clear the Map checkbox. If you don’t want it to appear alongside the geofence’s address in Reports, clear the Address checkbox.
    Changes to the Show on Map/Address status may take up to 24 hours to update.
  7. When finished, click Save.
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