Electric vehicle (EV) suitability calculations

To find out which of your vehicles are suitable for replacement with EVs, go to:
Reports > Electric Vehicle (EV) Suitability > VIEW RECOMMENDATIONS.

You will see a list of vehicles that are suitable and how they meet our EV suitability criteria.

EV suitability recommendations are visible to Reveal admin users only.

How we calculate EV suitability

We compare the daily distance travelled by your existing vehicle and compare that to the daily range of an EV, that is, the distance that a fully-charged EV can travel without needing to recharge.

If the daily distance driven by your existing vehicle is below that of an EV’s daily range, it may be suitable for replacement with an EV.

We give EV recommendations a ranking of Excellent, Good, or OK, with Excellent being the most suitable. EV suitability recommendations are for light and medium-duty vehicles only.

How estimated savings are calculated

The projected CO2, fuel, and cost savings made when converting to an EV are based on the following:

  • Current prices of petrol, diesel, and electricity in your location.
  • Average fuel efficiency of your existing vehicles.
  • Average distance travelled by your existing vehicles.
  • Average time spent idling by your existing vehicles.
  • Average efficiency of EVs of the same size as your existing vehicles.

The estimated savings are based on our calculations and may fluctuate depending on fuel prices and vehicle efficiency.

When there are no EV recommendations available

You will not see any recommendations if:

  • There is less than eight weeks of journey data.
  • The vehicles do not travel within the estimated EV daily range.
  • Your fleet consists of heavy-duty vehicles.
  • There is not enough vehicle activity available for the calculations.

When EV recommendations are incorrect

If you notice that some recommendations apply to vehicles in your fleet that are already electric, it may be because the vehicle size and correct fuel type is not selected for these vehicles in Reveal. To fix this, read how to update electric vehicle (EV) information.


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