Get started in Scheduler

To get started using the Scheduler tab in Reveal Field, you need to:

  • Set up technicians
  • Import customer contacts
  • Edit customer notifications
  • Create jobs

Set up technicians

In the Admin section of Reveal, you can create new Drivers/Technicians and save their details.
You can also create technicians from existing drivers. Once drivers become technicians, you can assign them to a job in Scheduler. To create new technicians, follow the steps in the create new technicians guide.

Import customer contacts

Your existing customer contacts can be exported from another software solution, such as QuickBooks or Google Contacts, and imported into Reveal. Files for export must be in Excel or CSV format.

To import contacts in Scheduler, go to Settings > Import customer contacts.

For help, read this guide on how to import customer contacts.

Edit customer notifications

Customer notifications are updates sent automatically to Reveal Field customers, by email and text message. You can edit them from Settings > Email and text messages Customers.

To learn more, read this guide on how to Edit customer notifications.

Create jobs

You create new jobs in Scheduler. When technicians have installed the Reveal Field Mobile App, you can send job notifications to their mobile devices. For more, read this guide on how to install the Reveal Field mobile app. 

To create jobs, follow the steps in this guide on how to create a job.

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