View jobs on Live Map

Check the job progress of your technicians on Live Map. To do this, click the Scheduler tab in Reveal Field.
Here you will see a list of technicians’ names with the status of their vehicles described underneath.


Click the name of the vehicle, shown in blue, to see it on Live Map.
Select a vehicle on the map to open a vehicle balloon. The details of two upcoming jobs for the technician assigned to the vehicle will show.

To see more information about one of the jobs, select it in the vehicle balloon. This brings you to the Scheduler in Reveal.



No vehicle assigned

If a technician does not have a vehicle assigned, the words Assign vehicle will display under their name in Scheduler.

Click Assign Vehicle to assign a vehicle from the Reveal Admin page, or navigate to the section on the Admin page:

Admin Vehicle List Select the pencil icon beside the technician you want to assign a vehicle to Select the driver under Current driver and click Assign.



Technician is not a driver

If a Technician is not a driver, the words Technician only will display under their name.

To view your technician’s vehicle on Live Map, you need to make them a driver and then assign a vehicle to them.



Make technician a driver

Go to Admin User List Select User Select the checkbox beside: Is this user a driver?
Note: No vehicle shown may be displayed under a technician’s name if you do not have the relevant permission to view the vehicle information.

This message may also show if the Vehicle Tracking Unit (VTU) has not yet started tracking data.


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