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The Camera List shows information about each camera, such as the camera model, its electronic serial number (ESN), connection status, and camera errors.

When a camera is activated through the Integrated Video or Spotlight apps, the connection status is displayed in the Camera List page of the Reveal Admin section.

This article covers the following topics:

To access the Camera List, go to Admin > Camera List.


Check the camera connection status

The STATUS column shows cameras as Unassigned, Offline, or Online.

An Unassigned camera is:

  • Not assigned to a vehicle in our database.
  • Not installed in the vehicle.
  • Not yet connected to Reveal.

An Offline camera is:

  • Assigned to a vehicle in our database.
  • Installed in a vehicle that has the ignition turned off.
  • Not connected to Reveal. The LAST CONNECTION column shows the last time the camera was online.

An Online camera is:

  • Assigned to a vehicle in our database.
  • Installed in a vehicle that has the ignition turned on.
  • Connected to Reveal.

Update the list

To update the Camera List, click on the refresh button Refresh_icon.png. The details will reload to show a STATUS accurate to within 10 minutes. The ERRORS column can take up to 7 days to update.

By default, cameras with the most errors are displayed at the top of the list in descending order.

Select the column titles to sort by:

  • Vehicle name
  • Vehicle ESN
  • Camera ESN
  • Errors

Identify camera errors and connection issues

Known errors are displayed in the Camera List’s ERRORS column. Select VIEW in the DETAILS column to resolve the error. Read the Diagnosis and follow the Actions in the Camera Health section.

When an error is resolved, it takes up to 7 days to disappear from the Camera List.

If a camera is Offline or Online and the last connection time is much longer than when the vehicle was in use, there may be an issue with the camera. For example, the vehicle was travelling in the past five days, but the camera was Offline during that time.

Learn how to access to the Camera List.

Check the vehicle’s equipment

You can identify camera issues before each journey to avoid losing footage. Use the following checklist:

  • The engine must be turned on for the camera to begin recording and detect harsh driving events that trigger videos. The camera continues recording until the engine is turned off.
  • The camera should be attached to the windshield and aligned correctly so that it accurately detects objects.
  • The vehicle tracker should be mounted securely and not able to move around, otherwise it can generate inaccurate data.
  • If the green light is off, the camera is not recording or connected to Reveal. Troubleshoot a camera’s indicator lights.

If the vehicle has been involved in a collision, check the camera and vehicle tracker for any signs of damage and download footage from the SD card as soon as possible. The camera’s LED light sequence should show that the camera is recording (blue) and connected to the network (green).

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