Understanding templates

When dealing with templates, it’s important to understand how they work. The following rules apply.

1. Identification

Reveal uses either the Vehicle ID or Fuel Card ID to identify transactions. This means that at least one of these Reveal labels needs to be matched to a column in the imported file.
If you match both, Reveal will always use Vehicle ID.

2. Location

In the Step 3 of Fuel Upload Wizard, you must select a checkbox if your imported file has a column that can be matched with Reveal label Place ID. This determines whether location information is required.

New place refers to any location that has not yet been added as a Reveal Place.

  If your file has a Place ID: If your file does not have Place ID:

If your file has new places:


● Place ID

● Location data

* System uses location data & Place ID data to create new Reveal Place


● Location data

* System uses location data to create new Reveal Place, and assigns each new Place a unique Place ID

If your file has no new places:


● Place ID

* As Reveal Places have previously been created for all locations, system only needs Place ID to identify location


● Location data

* System needs location data to identify existing Reveal Places

If Location Data is required:

  • Your file must have columns to match:
    • Location name
    • Street
  • Your file must have columns to match at least one of these Reveal labels:
    • City and State/Region
    • Postal code

3. Time and Date

Accepted date formats:

  • dd/mm/yyyy
  • dd-mm-yyyy
  • mm/dd/yyyy
  • yyyy/mm/dd

Accepted time formats:

Format Example
h:mm:ss XM 4:00:00AM
h:mm XM 4:00AM
hh:mm:ss 04:00:00
hh:mm 04:00

4. Fuel

Your file must have a column to match: Litres/gallons purchased.
Your file must have columns to match at least one:

  • Price per litre/gallon
  • Total fuel cost

Reveal template label definitions

The following definitions apply for Vehicle ID, Fuel Card ID and Place ID.

A. Vehicle ID


Identifies which vehicle was used to make a fuel purchase. Must match Vehicle number in your Reveal account.

Where to view and edit

Reveal > Admin > Vehicle list > Edit > Details

● To edit in bulk, contact customer care

B. Fuel Card ID


Identifies which fuel card was used to make a purchase. This must match Fuel Card ID in your Reveal account.

Where to view and edit

Admin > Vehicle list > Edit > Vehicle info > Fuel Card ID

● If fuel card information is not displayed in this modal, contact customer care to have it set up

C. Place ID


Identifies where a fuel transaction took place. Each fuel transaction must link to a Reveal Place, which is recognised by its unique Place ID.

Note: If your file does not have a Place ID, Reveal can create one for you as part of fuel card upload

View and edit

Reveal > Places > Edit Place > Advanced Options > Place ID

There are three ways to create a Reveal Place:

1. As part of Fuel Card Upload With this option, import your file with information about the location of each purchase. Any new location is saved as a Reveal Place.

Note: See Template Rules > Location for detail

2. In Reveal Places

With this option, create one place at a time. This option allows you to enter the address in a single field. Go to Reveal > Places > Create a New Place, and enter an address. You can enter a Place ID under Advanced Options.

Note: If you are not interested in location data or if your file is not set up in a way that allows you to easily match location values, it may be helpful to use this workaround. The following allows you to link every fuel purchase to the same Reveal Place.

  1. Go to Reveal > Places > Create a New Place.
  2. Enter a Place ID. Make note of this value.
  3. Go into your imported file and add a ‘Place ID’ column.
  4. Select the cells in the Place ID column for all your data rows and paste in the Place ID value.
  5. Run the Fuel Purchase Upload Wizard, and when you get to Step 3, check the My file has a Place ID checkbox. Map the Place ID Reveal label to the Place ID column in your file and leave all other location fields blank.

You fuel purchases will be uploaded to same address.

3. Bulk upload geofences Create Reveal Places using latitude & longitude coordinates.

● See Help Centre > Bulk upload geofences

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