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Getting Started with Reveal

Getting Started With Reveal

This video covers the following areas in order for you to start using the system straight away: How to log into Reveal; How to reset your password; Managing vehicle, driver, & user profiles; customising account settings; as well as which mobile app to download.

Reveal Overview

An overview of the main features on Reveal.


Spotlight Mobile App

A Basic Overview of the Reveal Spotlight App covering Map, Drivers, Alerts and how to set up plug and play trackers.

Non Powered Asset Tracking

An introduction to our non powered asset tracking solution.

Scheduler - Reveal Field Basic Overview

A basic overview of Reveal Field showing settings and how to create and manage jobs.

Driver ID

Learn how to allocate your key fobs to your drivers and set up Driver ID.


Password Management

How to update your password in Reveal & reset it completely.

Creating a user in Reveal

What information needs to be filled in; how to give user administrator rights & how to manage roles & permissions.

How to edit a vehicle in Reveal

How to edit any vehicle information in Reveal, how to rename a vehicle & how to add any additional information about a vehicle.



A basic overview of the Alerts section in Reveal.



A basic overview of Dashboard and creating metric tiles.

Engine Connect and Tacho

Reveal Tacho

Learn how to set up Reveal Tacho and utilise Tachograph Real Time data, Remote Download vehicle and driver tacho files as well as view driver infringements and set up driver hours alert.

Reveal Engine Connect (ECM)

Learn how to utilise Reveal Engine Connect by viewing Engine Connect data on the live map as well as in reports, dashboard metrics and alerts.

Fleet Service

Fleet services

How to create a vehicle service reminder, how to view a reminder, how to view a vehicle's maintenance history, how to create a one-time service record.

Fuel cards

Fuel card integration

Learn how to set up fuel card integration within Reveal and how to upload and assign your fuel cards to vehicles.

Manual Fuel Upload (NEW)

Learn how to manually upload your fuel purchases via our easy upload tool within Reveal.



A basic overview of Immobilisation within Reveal and how to Immobilise and Remobilise your vehicle remotely via the Reveal Manager app.

Integrated video

Dual AI Dashcams (NEW)

Learn how our Dual AI Dashcams work within Reveal and Integrated Video Mobile App.

Road Facing Dashcams

A basic overview of our road facing dashcams within Reveal and the Integrated Video Mobile App.

Live Map

Live Map

A basic overview of the Reveal Live Map and its core features.



A basic overview of the Replay tab that covers how to see historical vehicle, asset or driver data, replayed on the map.



A basic overview of the Reports tab that covers a few of our most popular reports such as the Detailed Report, Geofence Report, Driver Safety Reports, and Vehicle Health Report.



A basic overview of the Places tab that covers how to create geofences, suggested geofences, geofence metrics and categories.

How to upload mass geofences

Learn how to mass upload geofences within Reveal by using our Geofence template.

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