Assign key fobs to drivers

Drivers can assign themselves to vehicles using the Driver ID key fobs.

You can see what key fobs are assigned to each driver in the Driver List.

A key fob can only be assigned to one driver, but a driver may have multiple fobs.

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Before you begin

Ensure you have the necessary key fobs for your fleet. Each key fob has a unique number (Key Fob ID). Assign a key fob to a driver and note which number you give them.


Assign key fobs to a driver

To assign key fobs to a driver:

  1. In Admin, open the Driver List.
  2. To edit a driver, click Pencil.png (Edit).
  3. In the Edit Driver dialog box, under Key Fob ID, select Add.
  4. In the Manage Key Fob ID field, enter the key fob ID.
    The Key Fob ID can be 8, 12, or 16 digits long. If the Key Fob ID is 12 characters long, it should start with 4 zeros. If the ID is 16 characters long, it should start with 2 letters followed by 4 zeros. The characters can be numbers (0 to 9) or uppercase letters (A to F).
  5. Click DONE.


See what key fobs are assigned to drivers


To see what key fobs are assigned to drivers, go to Admin > Driver List.


View vehicle assignment history

When a driver uses a key fob to assign a vehicle to themselves, the assignment can be seen in the Driver Assignment History tab of the Edit Vehicle page for that vehicle.


In the CREATION METHOD column, you will see 'Device' for assignments made using a key fob.

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