Using Reveal Spotlight

Reveal Spotlight consists of four primary screens that are accessed using a menu strip along the bottom of your device screen:


These screens are:

  • Map screen - Contains a map and list view detailing the location and status of the vehicles and assets in your organisation. Tap a vehicle or an asset on the map or in the list to centre the map on the selected vehicle or asset and to view detailed information about it. You can also use the search field at the top of the screen to filter the vehicles and assets shown, choose to view them all or only view those with a specific status (moving, idling, or stopped).
  • Drivers screen - Contains a list of drivers in your organisation. Filter the list of drivers using the search field at the top of the screen and then tap a driver name to view detailed information about that driver, including their current location and status, and any alerts they have triggered. You can also email, message, or call them directly.
  • Alerts screen - Contains a list of all alerts reported by your fleet for violations such as speeding, harsh driving, idling, or geofence boundary violations. Alerts are shown as they are reported, with the most recent events at the top, and each includes the name of the vehicle or powered asset the alert was recorded by, the type of alert, and the time the alert was reported. Tap an alert to view detailed information about individual alerts.
  • Account screen - Contains details of the currently signed-in Reveal Spotlight account, device setup information for your GPS plug and play tracking device, access to customer assistance in the form of a feedback form, a link to the product help, and to view the product privacy policy. At the bottom of the screen you can also see the installed app version and the Log out button used to log out of the app.

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