Billing overview

This article describes the information that is available on the invoices that we send to you. The invoice includes the balance for your account and a breakdown of the charges. You can view your billing information or make payments under My Account > View your Bill and Account Summary. Alternatively, you can contact your customer success manager to request copies of your invoices.

Quick bill summary

The first page of the invoice contains a summary with a breakdown of all charges:

  • Prior Charges (Including Past Due Amounts): The total balance due for any open invoices on the account

  • Unapplied Payments & Adjustments: The total amount of credit balances on the account

  • Total Outstanding Charges: The total prior balance due after credits have been applied

  • Monthly Recurring Charges: The charges related to contract items

  • Professional Services: One-time fees for professional services

  • Equipment Charges: One-time fees for equipment

  • Taxes, Governmental Surcharges & Fees

  • Account Balance: The total invoice amount and the balance on your account


Monthly recurring charges are invoiced separately from professional services and equipment charges.


Account statement and balance details

The Account Statement section provides the total balance on your account as of the invoice date. You can check your current account balance under My Account > View your Bill and Account Summary > Billing and Payment or by contacting your customer success manager. The Account balance Details table lists all open invoices and credit memos for the account.

These fields provide a breakdown of the balance details:

  • Debit: The amount owed on your bill.

  • Credit: Any service, courtesy, or billing credit amounts applied to your account.

  • Payments:

    • A negative number indicates an overpayment on your account.

    • A positive number generally indicates a partial payment was made previously and carried over to this invoice.


Billing items and charges

These fields provide a breakdown of the billing items and charges for the current month:

  • Item: The contract item for the charges.

  • Charge Type: The type of charge for the item.

    • Recurring Services: The contract item, either base products or additional features.

    • Professional Services: One-time fees for professional services.

    • Equipment Charges: One-time fees for equipment.

  • Period: The period of time for the charge. The period of time might include days outside of the normal billing period depending on when your contract begins or ends.

  • Contract #: The contract number associated with the item.

  • Qty: The total quantity of items.

  • Price: The price per item.

  • Ext Price: The total charge for the item.

  • Tax: The total tax for the item.

  • Invoice Total: The invoice total before any prior charges and credits are applied to the balance.


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