Create API and webhook integrations

Verizon Connect lets you integrate a suite of APIs and webhooks from our API library. Once integrated with them, you can track data concerning your drivers, vehicles, non-powered asset tracking, GPS services, and more.

Create an API or webhook integration

  1. From the top-right navigation bar, select your account profile icon and from the drop-down menu, click Marketplace.
  2. Click API Integrations.
  3. Click GET STARTED.
  4. In the data access form, in Account details, fill in the required information, including:

    Integration name: Create a unique name for the integration, so you can identify it in the Admin section of Reveal.

    Third-party name and Developer name: Enter the details of the company and developer you want to share your data with.
  5. Read the Data Access Consent Form
  6. To authorise Verizon Connect to give the third-party company and developer access to your data, select the checkbox.
  7. Click NEXT.
  8. Review your details. To amend, click CHANGE .

Once your request is submitted, an email is sent to your developer with the integration user credentials, next steps and link to the Verizon Connect Developer Portal. You will also receive an email outlining your next steps (check your junk folder).

Create a webhook integration

To create a webhook integration, your developer needs to send you the endpoints. You then need to submit these endpoints to Verizon Connect.

How to submit endpoints

There are two different ways to do this depending on whether you are integrating with an Alert webhook or GPS webhook.

To submit endpoints for an Alert webhook, call Verizon Connect Customer Support at 0800-121-8915. To submit endpoints for a GPS webhook:

  1. Go to Reveal marketplace > API Integrations > MANAGE INTEGRATIONS.
    Alternatively, go to Admin > Integrations.
  2. At the API integrations list, choose the integration you want to submit the endpoints for and click SUBMIT ENDPOINTS.
  3. Go to GPS webhook and click SUBMIT ENDPOINTS.
  4. Fill in the Submit GPS webhook endpoints form, with the endpoints that were provided to you by your developer, and enter your username and password.
  5. Click SUBMIT.
    After endpoint submission, the developer has three days to confirm the submission request. If this is not done, the submission will fail and you will need to resubmit the endpoints in Reveal.
  6. Check the integration status by clicking REVIEW STATUS.

Alternatively, go to Admin > Integrations.


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