Developer portal overview

This article is intended for developers.

In this article, learn how you can use our developer portal to:

Then, learn how to:

Review our APIs

To see a list of our APIs, go to the developer portal and click BROWSE APIs. Alternatively, go to APIs > All APIs.

Get API endpoints

To get API endpoints, click on an API from the list. Go to Endpoints and copy the endpoint URL.

Review help documents

To learn how to build an API with us, review our Quick Start Guide. You can also access it from the developer portal by clicking on VIEW GUIDE.

Register on the developer portal

To register on the developer portal:

  1. Go to the developer portal.
  2. Click REGISTER.
  3. Fill in the form.
  5. Follow the activation instructions that were emailed to you.

Create test API requests

Once you are registered on the developer portal and have received your integration user credentials, you can use our sandbox accounts and sample codes to learn how to create API requests in a test environment.

Integration user credentials are used to verify your client's Reveal account permissions. To receive these credentials, the Reveal customer must go to the marketplace to request them. Then you will receive them by email with the required next steps.

To see how data access is requested, read create API and webhook integrations.

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