Reveal Driver mobile app

Drivers can use their mobile devices to manage their vehicle assignment, daily stops, and performance against your company benchmarks.

This article covers:

Setting up app access

To get started, administrators need to enable the app features in Reveal. Then drivers can download the app, get access, and adjust their allocated settings.

Enable app features in Reveal

From the User and Account Preferences page in Reveal, administrators can make the following features available to drivers on the Today screen in their Reveal Driver App:

  • Vehicle assignment

  • Show stops

  • Show scorecards

  • Show leaderboards

Enable app access for drivers

From your Reveal account, go to Admin > Driver/Technician List and choose Mobile Access: Enable Access.


Reset a drivers’ mobile app password

If drivers need to reset their mobile app password, go to Admin > Driver/Technician List and choose the Mobile Options tab. Choose Email Password Reset to have a link emailed to the driver.

Enable scorecard display

You can manage the metrics displayed on the driver’s Today screen under Scorecard.

Go to Admin > Mobile Scorecard Management and choose Select to show for each option you want to display. You can pin one metric to the top of the driver’s scorecard by selecting Hero as well.

Send and view stops

The Reveal Driver app shows stops sent from the Driver Dispatch window in Live Map. It allows you to create stops on the Live Map and assign drivers to those stops, as part of a Work Order. Driver Dispatch works in conjunction with the Reveal Driver App.

To allow drivers to see the Driver Dispatch window in the app, administrators can go to Reveal > Admin > Manage Roles and Permissions and for the Manage Driver Dispatch option, choose View Only or Full Access.


Installing the app

For a complete list of the iOS and Android operating system versions supported for this app see the Verizon Connect mobile operating system support page.

To install the app, do the following:

  1. Download the app onto your mobile device from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

  2. Log into the app using the email and password (case sensitive) added to the system by your Reveal system administrator. If you do not have these details, request them from your administrator.

  3. Read and accept the terms and conditions.

  4. Enable Location Services.

Assigning a vehicle

If there are fewer than 500 vehicles in your fleet, you can see up to 10 vehicles within 1,000 meters of your location.

If there are more than 500 vehicles in your fleet, you’ll need to search for your vehicle and manually assign yourself.

If you go more than 200 meters away from your assigned vehicle, the app will prompt you to stay connected to the vehicle.

How to assign a vehicle

  1. In the app, choose the menu icon.

  2. Choose Vehicle.

  3. Select the vehicle you want to drive and choose Assign.

  4. When asked to confirm your choice, choose Assign again. That vehicle is now assigned to you.

How to unassign a vehicle

  1. In the app, click the menu icon.

  2. Choose Vehicle.

  3. Select the vehicle you want to unassign and choose Unassign.

  4. When asked to confirm your choice, choose Unassign again. That vehicle is now no longer assigned to you.


You can assign and unassign vehicles when in offline mode. The system will update the changes when you’re back online.

Viewing and navigating stops

You can view, and update stops in the Reveal Driver app.

To update the status, choose Menu > Stops and select a stop to mark as Complete, In Progress or you can Refuse by swiping left across the stop.

You can view stops by day:

  • Today: Current stops with an expected start date of today, or no start date.

  • Outstanding: Current stops with an expected start date in the past.

  • Tomorrow: Current stops with an expected start date of tomorrow. Future stops beyond tomorrow are not displayed in the app.

You can:

  • Get a limited, read-only view of stop history in Menu > Stops > History tab.

  • Use turn-by-turn navigation by selecting the stop and the icon with 3 upwards arrows.

    For this to work, you’ll need to download the Google Maps or Apple Maps app.


Using the driver scorecard

You can view and manage your performance metrics in Menu > Scorecard.

One metric will display at the top of the Scorecard page. This is the ‘hero’ metric that your administrator chose for you - contact them if you want to change it.

Tap on any metric for more details, including a leaderboard view of yourself ranked against drivers in your primary group (this is anonymized for privacy reasons).

Your benchmarks are based on selections made in Reveal > My Benchmarks.

Changing app settings

In Menu > Settings you can:

  • View the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

  • Download or refresh the app’s Vehicle List.

  • View diagnostic data, such as vehicle assignment.

  • Upload dropped items. This would be used if server calls from the App to the Reveal backend had failed. A driver can manually push any changes to the server stored on the Driver App (vehicle assignment changes, stop updates or when we have a true offline/out of coverage situation).

  • Adjust the features that display on the Today screen. The full list of features (managed by the administrator) are:

    • Vehicle assignment

    • Show stops

    • Show scorecards

    • Show leaderboards

Further training

To learn more about the features of the Reveal Driver mobile app, sign up for an eTutorial.

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