Reveal overview

Verizon Connect Reveal vehicle tracking and management software enables GPS fleet tracking, maintenance alerts, performance reporting and asset monitoring. Visit for more information on Reveal in your region, or watch and read below to learn how to use Reveal.

Get started with Reveal

Follow the quick start checklist to start using Reveal right now, or continue reading to get a more detailed explanation on how to best use the system.

Before you log in

Make sure that tracking units have been installed in your vehicles and assets. There won't be much to see in Reveal if there is no data coming in from these units.

Reveal works best if you use the most up-to-date version of your internet browser. We recommend Google Chrome.

If you are the first user (default Admin) from your company, let your colleagues know to expect an email from Verizon Connect Reveal when their Reveal user account has been set up. Tell them to download mobile apps, too.

Mobile apps

Reveal has a suite of easy-to-use mobile apps, each one dedicated to a specific purpose. Download the apps that best fit your needs and use your Reveal credentials to log in.

You can find the full list of apps for iOS here or search the App Store for Verizon Connect Reveal.

You can find the full list of apps for Android here or search the Google Play Store for Verizon Connect Reveal.

First-time log in

When you log in to Reveal for the first time, you'll see a menu with all the features of Reveal you have access to. If some Reveal features are missing, contact your Verizon Connect account manager to purchase add-ons for your account.

From the landing page, you can set which page of Reveal you would like to see automatically open each time you visit. To save time in future, select your preferred page from the Take me here after logging in menu.

Review preferences

Review your account and user preferences in My Account. Check your regional settings, language, measurements, map location and how you would like to display things in Reveal. If you are an Admin, you can set account preferences for everyone in your company.

Administrator tasks

If you are the default Admin for the Reveal account in your company, you need to set up accounts for other Admins or users who need to access Reveal. Verizon Connect sent a Reveal password to the primary contact email address. That email address is also the username for the default Admin.

You should also edit or assign roles and permissions for users and groups, create drivers in Reveal, edit vehicle info and create Places and Alerts.

You can find out more about administrator tasks on the Admin overview page.

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