Search for videos in Reveal

Use the search filters in the Video List to find videos triggered by unsafe driving behaviour.

By default, the Video List only displays videos from the past month.

Find a video


You can filter by:

  • Groups of vehicles and drivers
  • Driver name
  • Vehicle name
  • Date range
  • Classification. These are:
    • Critical
    • Major
    • Moderate
    • Minor
    • Requested (videos requested using Video on Demand)
  • Triggers and events. These are:
    • Distraction - AI Dashcams only
    • Driver camera covered - AI Dashcams only
    • Hard acceleration
    • Hard braking
    • Harsh cornering
    • Pedestrian ahead - AI Dashcams only
    • Phone call detection - AI Dashcams only
    • Phone distraction
    • Posted speed exceeded
    • Road camera covered - AI Dashcams only
    • Seat belt unfastened
    • Stop sign violation
    • Smoking - AI Dashcams only
    • Sudden force
    • Tailgating
    • Tiredness - AI Dashcams only
  • Viewed and unviewed status.

Once you have chosen your filters, select APPLY to see an updated Video List. To reset the filter, choose CLEAR and APPLY.

Star a video

To find important videos quickly, select the star icon star_icon.png to add the video to the Starred tab.

Save a video

Videos are deleted from Reveal after 90 days. Download videos to your computer if you want to view or share them after the 90 days is up.

You can request older videos within a certain time period, which depends on your data retention plan and location.

Can’t find a video?

Videos are recorded when unsafe driving behaviour is detected. If you know an incident occurred but can’t find a video in the list, select GET VIDEO to perform a search of the camera’s SD card footage and request a video. You will receive an email notification when the video is ready to watch.

Get videos from an SD card.

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