Tacho overview

The Digital Tachograph (Tacho) system tracks the activity of drivers and vehicles, using in-cab hardware devices physically connected to heavy goods vehicles. The information gathered from this hardware is used to ensure drivers follow legal regulations intended to minimise driver fatigue, and to prevent accidents that might result from this fatigue.

In the European Union, and parts of Europe, these regulations specify that drivers of heavy goods vehicles (>3.5 metric tonnes) follow the driving times and break periods outlined on this website.

Drivers using the Tacho system typically use a "digital driver card" inserted into the digital tachograph device in their vehicle to sign in and identify themselves at the start of their shift. The embedded hardware device then tracks changes in vehicle state, as well as vehicle speed and total distance driven during the driver’s shift (that is, during the period between the time and date that the driver signs in and later signs out). This basic information is transmitted to, and stored within, Reveal. Files are stored for 2 years in most countries. They are stored for 3 years in Ireland. If you want to make any changes to the files, you need to use a separate analytics tool, which we don't supply.

To use Tacho in Reveal, this feature must be enabled in your account.

The Driver planner tab, under Tacho, displays near real-time data that is transmitted directly from the in-cab hardware device. For more detailed information go to the Driver files and Vehicle files tabs. The files that you can download on these screens are downloaded from the in-cab hardware devices to the Reveal fleet management database automatically. Driver files are downloaded every 7 days and vehicle files every 30 days.

The Infringements tab shows all infringements that your drivers have incurred; for example, for driving longer than permitted or not taking long enough breaks. The infringements listed are based on data obtained from downloaded Driver files. The Infringement tab is available only if you have a Reveal Tacho Remote Download subscription.

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