How to check a camera's working

Use the Camera List, the Video > Events tab, and the equipment checklist to make sure that a camera is working properly and uploading videos to Reveal.

Checking cameras regularly can avoid losing video footage.

There are a few ways to check your camera is working properly:

  1. From the top-right navigation bar, select your account profile icon and Admin from the drop-down menu. Then select Camera List.
  2. Go to the Video > Events tab
    • Search for videos using the Vehicles filter. This will show whether a vehicle's camera is successfully uploading videos to Reveal.

If videos are not available, consider whether any of the following apply:

If you suspect a collision has occurred and a video was not triggered in Reveal, download footage from your SD card as soon as possible.

Download SD card videos.

Replace camera SD cards.

If videos are not uploading to Reveal, but you've followed the steps and you think you should be getting videos, contact Support.

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