FAQ: Electric vehicles in Reveal

Frequently asked questions about battery level and charging information for electric vehicles (EVs).

What do I need to see battery and charging information for my EVs?

You will only receive battery and charging information about an EV if the vehicle:

Why am I not seeing charging or battery information on Live Map?

The vehicle may need to be driven to register an ignition on event and show on the map. If you have taken a trip and the device is still not plotting, see Troubleshooting: Why is my vehicle not reporting?

Why do some of my electric vehicles not show the blue EV logo on Live Map?

You need to update the fuel type for the vehicle to Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV).
For more information, see Update vehicle and powered asset information

Why am I not seeing charging and battery level information in the EV summary report?

The vehicle may not be compatible or does not have supported hardware.
Some vehicles only send charging information to Reveal when the vehicle’s ignition is on.

Why am I not receiving EV Low Battery alerts for my EVs?

You only receive alerts when battery level information for your vehicle is available.

Why am I not seeing frequent updates in Reveal when my vehicle is charging?

When a vehicle is charging, the frequency that the installed tracking device communicates with Reveal is reduced. This ensures that the vehicle can charge as quickly as possible.

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