Electric vehicles overview

Reveal can display battery level and charging information for your electric vehicles.
You can view this information for your electric vehicles if your make and model:

Battery information

You can view the battery level for electric vehicles beside the battery icon Batter_level_icon.png.
The battery level displays on:

  • The vehicle details balloon on the Live Map.
  • The fleet status panel on the Live Map.
  • Each segment of the vehicle’s journey on Replay.
  • Beside the vehicle details in Spotlight.

Charging information

When an electric vehicle is charging, the charging icon Charging_icon.png displays beside the vehicle in:

  • The fleet status panel in the Live Map.
  • Spotlight.

You can see where the vehicle is charging, and the battery percentage, on the Live Map and in Spotlight with the dynamic charging icon Charging_icon_on_Live_Map.png.

You can also see when the vehicle is charging and the charging duration on Replay.

EV icon

If a vehicle is an electric vehicle, you can add the EV_icon.png icon to display beside the vehicle name.
To do this, change the vehicle's fuel type to Electric - Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) on the Vehicle Information tab on the Edit Vehicle page.



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