View all of your vehicles and assets in Replay

In Reveal, you can use Replay to see historical vehicle, asset or driver data, replayed on a map.
The feature allows you to view action from 24-hour time periods for any date within your contract data plan. You can use Replay to:

  • See when drivers left or arrived at a location.
  • See where violations or incidents occurred and help to reduce incidents of speeding and harsh driving.
  • Compare the driver’s route to the optimal route and help to reduce journey times.
  • Address complaints about driver behavior.
  • View up to five vehicles or assets at the same time and compare their locations.

Using Replay filters


On the main Replay page, you can view the travel, idle, and stop times of your vehicles or asset over a selected time frame.
You can use the date and time selectors to change the default settings, and you can display vehicles, assets or drivers.
To generate data in the Timeline View, or filter an existing view, follow these steps:

  1. To select vehicles/drivers to add to the timeline, open the Items Selected list.
  2. Choose Vehicles, Powered Assets, Non-Powered Assets, Drivers, or Groups and select the checkboxes next to the Vehicles/Assets/Drivers/Groups you want to view.


    You can view all vehicles, assets and drivers by selecting the Entire Fleet checkbox.
    Note : Depending on your account type, you may not be able to view the entire fleet at the same time.
    If the Entire Fleet checkbox displays a tick after you select it, it means all vehicles and assets are selected.
    Otherwise, it adds as many vehicles or assets as your account allows, and the Entire Fleet checkbox displays a square.

  3. To apply the selection, click Save. The vehicles/assets/drivers display in the Timeline.
    Replay remembers your selection, and loads the same vehicles/assets/drivers the next time you log in.

Additional filtering options

  • Show : To view drivers, open the Show list and select Drivers.
  • Date : By default, the current day is selected.
    To view another day, click the calendar icon and select the date, or click the left or right arrows to view the previous or next days.
  • Time : To change the start time of the 24-hour period, open the drop-down list and select a time.

Timeline View information


The timeline for each driver/vehicle/asset displays the following:

  • Vehicle/asset/driver name : If drivers are assigned to a vehicle, their name displays below the vehicle.
  • Replay button : Click to view a vehicle/asset/driver in the Route Replay window.
    You can use the checkboxes to select up to five vehicles/drivers to view at one time.
  • Time segments : Different segments show the vehicle's status changes across the 24-hour period.
  • Start time : The beginning of the activity of the day.
  • End time : The end of the final activity of the day.
  • Total : The total time from the beginning of the first activity to the end of the final activity.
  • Run Daily Report : Click the icon to run a daily report for the selected vehicle/driver.

Timeline Segments


The timeline segment is a band of colour which displays travel, idle, and stop activity over the 24-hour period using the following colours:

  • Green : Travel - in motion.
  • Yellow : Idle - stopped with the ignition on.
  • Red : Stop - stopped with the ignition off.
  • Yellow/Red stripe : Work Order Stop.

To view information on a segment, click the part of the segment that you want to review.
To view the previous or next segments, click the left or right arrow. The balloon displays the following information:

  • Time : Start and end time of the segment.
  • Duration : Total time of the segment from start to finish.
  • Distance : Total distance covered (for Travel segments).
  • Address : Address of Stop and Idle segments.
  • Create Geofence (Stop and Idle segments only): Click to open the Create Place page and create a Geofence at the location.
  • Events : Driving events such as speeding and harsh driving are displayed in red.
    To run a report and view more detailed feedback, click the red text.
  • Replay : Click to view the segment in Route Replay.

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