Troubleshooting the bulk upload of fuel cards

Error importing Excel or CSV file

Importing a file will fail because of one or more of the following reasons:

  • The file type is incorrect (bulk import only supports CSV or Excel files).
  • The Excel file has no content.
  • The Excel file does not have enough columns (the minimum is four for fuel card assignment and 8 for vehicle information ).
  • The Excel file contains more than 999 rows.
  • The file size of the file is greater than 5MB.
  • There is a network error.
  • The file is not a Reveal fuel card upload template.


Data errors in uploaded file

An error message will let you know if there are any data-related errors in the uploaded file.

Data errors can include one or more of the following:

  • The fuel card number does not match the expected format.
  • The account number is not found.
    Note: If an account number was incorrect in the previous assignments, you will see it highlighted in the downloaded error template.
  • The vehicle name was not found.
  • The fuel card is already assigned to another vehicle. See Reassigning a fuel card for more information.
  • The start date is not in the expected format.
  • The start date is a date in the future.

To fix the errors, choose Download to download the file. Once you have corrected the errors, upload the file again.
(The download link is available for 3 months.)


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