Quick start checklist

Get an overview of Reveal in 5 minutes


Get started quickly with Reveal

Follow these steps:

  1. Log into Reveal
    Default administrators have a password from Verizon Connect
  2. Go to Live Map, select vehicles, drivers, assets or groups to view
    On the Live Map you can see the location of your fleet
  3. Learn about Map Options and Vehicle Actions
    Decide on the look and feel of your map, and learn about shortcuts available from the Live Map
  4. Set up your account preferences (Admin only)
    Manage your company account options and settings in Reveal
  5. Set up your user preferences (all users)
    Manage Reveal options and settings for yourself
  6. Set up your vehicles, drivers, groups, users (Admin only)
    Organise your fleet in Reveal, to get the most out of the system
  7. Sign up for live training in your region
    Learn how to use Reveal from our dedicated training team


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