Change a Reveal username or password

Each Reveal user can change their username and password.

An admin can change any Reveal user's username and password.

A username must be an email address. If you log in with a username that's not your email address, update it by following the steps below. If you have also forgotten your password, you'll need to contact your admin to complete the steps.

Learn how to recover a saved password.

Change your username

To change your username:

  1. Go to the Reveal navigation bar and select MY ACCOUNT.

  2. Select User and Account Preferences > Manage your user and account preferences.

  3. Expand the Personal Information section.

  4. Enter the new email address in Username.

  5. Select Save.

Change another user's username or password

If you are an administrator you can change a user's username or password.

To change a username or password:

  1. Go to the Reveal navigation bar and select your account profile.

  2. Select Admin > Users and Roles > User List.

  3. Find the user in the list and select the pencil icon Pencil.png, or open the search field by selecting "Would you like to search for a user?". Then type the username or email address and click Search.

  4. To change a username, enter the new email address in Email address (username).

  5. Select Save.

  6. To change the password, enter a new password (of at least eight characters) in Password.


If you have forgotten your password, read this article on how to reset a forgotten Reveal password.

Recover a saved password

All browsers and password managers are different, depending on the type and version.

To recover a saved password:

  1. Open your browser settings or password manager.

  2. Find your saved passwords associated with one of the following URLs:

  3. View your saved password by following the steps required by your browser or password manager.

  4. Resave the new URL as

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