My Account overview

My Account is the area of Reveal where you can

  • Manage account preferences for everyone in your company (Admin only)
  • Manage user preferences for how Reveal appears to you (all users)
  • Order equipment from Verizon Connect, such as a vehicle tracking unit, or a camera
  • Request services from Verizon Connect - a tracking unit transfer, or to uninstall a tracking unit from one of your vehicles

Access the My Account area from Account Profile > My Account at the top of each page of Reveal.



Sections within My Account

Account preferences

Manage your company account options and settings, such as fuel costs, idling and speeding preferences and when the working day starts and ends.

User preferences

Manage your personal display options and regional settings.

Order equipment and services

Depending on your permissions in Reveal, and the region you work in, you can order equipment and services online in Reveal.

Equipment includes vehicle tracking units (VTU's) and cameras for inside your vehicles.

Services you can request include having a technician come to transfer a tracking unit from one vehicle to another, or to uninstall a tracking unit from a vehicle in your fleet.


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