How videos are classified

The AI classifies videos as Critical, Major, Moderate, or Minor to indicate how urgently you should watch them. The classification levels are generated based on a number of factors, including:

  • How severely the driver braked, accelerated, cornered, or encountered a sudden force to the vehicle.
  • How close other vehicles, people, animals, or objects were.
  • The g-force exerted on the front or rear of the vehicle.

Where there are multiple events, the AI classifies the most severe event that occurred.

Here are some possible scenarios:


The driver may have lost control of the vehicle and left the road, mounted a curb, spun the vehicle, or collided with a person, object, or another vehicle.


The vehicle may have been involved in a dangerous situation. The driver may have swerved or suddenly braked to avoid a collision with a person, object, or another vehicle.


The driving manner was inappropriate to the situation and there was an elevated risk of an accident. The driver may have braked or accelerated more harshly than usual, even if there are no people, objects, or other vehicles nearby. For example, the driver may have braked suddenly at a red traffic light.


The event that triggered the recording was just above the threshold to register as a harsh driving event. The analysis suggests that an incident was unlikely.

How the AI analyses an incident

Trigger: Hard braking

Classification: Major

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