How Integrated Video works

When a camera is installed in a vehicle, Integrated Video connects the camera footage with Reveal. Our AI software classifies unsafe driving behaviour and harsh driving events, and sends a notification to watch a video.

To help reduce the number of unsafe driving behaviours, you can:

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The camera is installed in the vehicle

You can use either the Spotlight app or the Integrated Video app to install a camera in a vehicle.

The camera starts recording

Once the engine turns on, the camera starts recording and continues until the engine is turned off.

Unsafe driving behaviour is detected

When the vehicle's tracker or camera detects unsafe driving behaviour on the road or in the cab, a video recording of the incident is made.

The cloud AI reviews footage based on the driver's behaviour, such as hard acceleration or harsh cornering, and objects near the vehicle such as stop signs and other road users.

AI Dashcams detect unsafe driving behaviours and trigger alerts directly, streamlining this process.

The cloud AI begins to classify the incident.

The driver hears an in-cab audio alert


This feature is only available on AI Dashcams.

When the camera AI detects an incident, the driver hears an audio prompt in the cab. This notifies the driver of their behaviour until they rectify the situation.

Learn how to update in-cab audio alerts.

The cloud AI classifies the incident

The cloud AI classifies videos as Critical, Major, Moderate, or Minor to indicate how urgent they are. Learn more about how videos are classified.

Reveal sends a notification

You get notified when videos are available to watch in Reveal. To choose who is notified, update video alert policies.

You will continue to receive harsh driving notifications alongside these, unless you choose to turn them off.

You watch the video

You can access videos in various ways:

The video footage is accompanied by the following information:

  • An analysis including:

    • Event triggers

    • Tags

    • Unsafe driving behaviours

    • A classification level

  • A speed graph that shows the driver's speed before, during, and after the incident.

  • The road's speed limit.

  • The time and location of the incident.

  • Driver details (if assigned) and vehicle details.

  • Event activity details.

You decide on the appropriate action to take

After reviewing the video footage and event details, you can take any of the following actions:

  • Update the event’s Coaching status to:

    • Review pending

    • Coaching needed

    • Coaching not needed

    • Coaching complete

    • Select the star icon Screenshot_2023-12-21_at_10_46_18.png to add the video to the Starred tab. This allows you to find important videos quickly.

    • Add a comment in the Event activity section.

    • View the Driver safety profile (if a driver is assigned).

    • Download the video.

Download videos from Reveal.

Download videos from the Integrated Video app.

Identify behaviour trends

In the Video > Drivers tab you can select any driver to view their Driver safety profile.

Profile data helps you to identify how this driver can maintain or improve safer driving habits over time. This can help you to prepare for a coaching session.

Coaching using the Video driver safety profile.

Coach your driver in safer driving habits.

Videos marked as Coaching needed accumulate in a coaching session, which is available in the Video > Coaching tab alongside the assigned driver. When a coaching session is complete, the video events are marked as Coaching complete. Events marked as Coaching needed after the session is started will count towards a new coaching session.

Hosting a driver coaching session.

Update permissions to access Integrated Video.


It is important to assign drivers to vehicles for the coaching feature to be useful. Assignment ensures data consistency for evaluating driver performance.

Assign drivers in Reveal.

Assign drivers using a key fob.

Learn more about the driver safety profile.

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