Reveal updates: October 2022


Welcome to the October 2022 edition of Reveal updates. This month we talk about our new Trucker Tools integration, how to control access to AI Driver Assistance settings, our Developer Portal API Library and improvements to our LogBook app alerts screen. Read on to find out more.

Recently released

Trucker Tools integration

Trucker Tools now integrates Verizon Connect Reveal data in order to track vehicles that have been assigned active loads. This allows carriers to monitor a load’s specific location and update brokers with accurate, consistent data to meet any load tracking requirements. Click below to learn more and visit the Reveal Marketplace.

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Controlling access to AI Driver Assistance settings

Do you have the new AI event triggers with your AI Dashcam? Admins can now control access to the AI Driver Assistance settings and set access levels of other user roles with a new permission called Camera Preferences.

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Developer Portal API library

The list of our full API library is now publicly available from the Developer Portal homepage. You no longer need to log into Reveal or the Developer Portal to see what APIs are available. Instead, by simply clicking “BROWSE APIS” from the Developer Portal main page, you are able to review the full API list and find detailed documentation explaining how they can be used.

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LogBook app improved alerts screen

It is now easier for drivers to manage their carrier edits, unidentified driving, uncertified logs, warnings and violations. The latest version of the LogBook app has separate tabs for each type of alert. Drivers can swipe left to clear notifications and accept or reject multiple alerts.

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