Accept or reject unidentified miles

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This article describes how to accept and reject unidentified miles as a driver in the LogBook app.

Unidentified miles are driving periods that do not have an assigned driver. You can receive two types of alerts for unidentified miles:

  • Unidentified miles for this vehicle: This alert is shown when LogBook detects driving time for your vehicle at a time when no driver was assigned to the vehicle. 
  • Miles assigned to you: This alert is shown when your administrator assigns driving time to you because you were likely to be the driver.

These alerts can be raised when you, or another driver using the vehicle, were not logged in to LogBook or had no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection while driving the vehicle.

The alert with the title "Unidentified miles for this vehicle" is raised immediately after a vehicle records unidentified miles. This alert is shown when you connect to the vehicle. Any driving time that is less than 5 minutes in duration or less than 0.1 mile in distance is ignored and not raised as unidentified miles.

If you drove the vehicle during the time period stated in an alert, you can accept the miles to your log. If you did not drive the vehicle during the time period stated, you can reject the miles.

To accept or reject unidentified miles:

  1. Tap the Alerts icon img-en-us-lb_alert_icon31.png in the upper part of the screen to view a list of your alerts.
  2. On the NOTIFICATIONS tab, review all unidentified mile notifications in the list. If the unidentified miles belong to you, tap ACCEPT. If another driver is responsible for the unidentified miles, tap REJECT.

  3. If you accepted the unidentified miles, you must re-certify your log.

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