Log In and Out

If you are a Reveal Driver user and launch Navigation from within Driver, the login process is automated and uses your Reveal Driver credentials. If you want to launch Navigation independently of Reveal Driver, use your Reveal credentials.

When Navigation is launched, the Did you know panel is displayed.


The Did you know panel promotes one Navigation feature that you might like to know more about. The Did you know panel in the previous screenshot is promoting the Day or Night Mode feature. Each time you sign in, a different feature is promoted.

  • Tap the Exit icon exit_icon_zoom80.png to close the panel.

  • Tap learn more to open the page of the in-app Help that has information about the feature.

  • Tap Settings to open the appropriate Settings screen, where you can configure the feature.

  • Clear the Show tips check box if you do not want to see the Did you know panel each time you sign in. If you clear the check box but want to activate the panel at a later time, tap the Menu icon menu_icon_font.png > Settings > General, then set the Show feature suggestions on login option to “On”.

Log Out of Navigation

From the main menu, tap the Expand icon scen_expand_icon.png next to your username, then tap Log Out.

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