Use the Unregulated Driving sub status

This article describes how to use the Unregulated Driving sub status when changing your HOS status manually on the Dashboard screen.


Unregulated Driving must be enabled in your account for you to have this sub status available to you. Your administrator can enable this for you.

You can use the Unregulated Driving sub status to record driving time with a non-commercial vehicle or a commercial vehicle that does not have to comply with ELD regulations because of its weight or some other reason. Time recorded as Unregulated Driving does not count towards your HOS driving time limits. It counts as on-duty (not driving) time instead.

Follow these steps to record Unregulated Driving time:

  1. Make sure that you are connected to your vehicle.

  2. On an Android device, on the Dashboard screen, tap ON (on duty, not driving).

    On an iOS device, on the Dashboard screen, tap CHANGE STATUS.

  3. Select the sub status Unregulated Driving.

  4. Enter your location. If you are connected to a vehicle, the app logs the location automatically.

  5. On an Android device, tap Confirm. On an iOS device, tap CONFIRM STATUS CHANGE.

When you begin driving, you cannot access the Dashboard screen because the screen is locked.


If you stop driving for more than 5 seconds, the option to exit Unregulated Driving and change your status to On Duty is displayed.

  • To exit Unregulated Driving, tap GO ON DUTY.

  • To remain in Unregulated Driving, don’t take any action, and continue driving when possible.

If you turn your vehicle off while in the Unregulated Driving sub status, and then re-start and drive, your status changes to Driving.

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