Asset tracker battery report

The asset tracker battery report shows you the last reported battery levels of your fleet’s asset trackers.


The report includes powered and non-powered assets.

Asset trackers in this report include:

  • All CalAmp trackers

  • EAT

  • EAT-B

How to run the report

  1. Go to Reports > Asset tracker battery report.

  2. In the Fleet selection section, select the assets to include in the report.

    You can select: all assets in your fleet, selected powered assets, selected non-powered assets, or all assets in one or more groups.

  3. Choose RUN REPORT.

What is in the report


The report totals section shows:

  • Total assets included in the report.

  • Number of asset trackers with less than 5% battery remaining.

The report filter allows you to filter asset tracker battery types by all, rechargeable, and non-rechargeable.

The report table contains the following columns:

  • Asset name: the name you gave to the powered or non-powered asset.

  • Asset type: if the asset is powered or non-powered.

  • Battery type: if the asset battery type is rechargeable or non-rechargeable.

  • Location: the last known location of your asset device.

  • Last check-in: the last check-in time and date of your asset.

  • Battery level: the last reported battery levels of your fleet’s asset trackers.

By default, the report table is sorted by battery in ascending order (lowest to highest). You can also sort the table by characters, numbers, and alphabetical order.


Sorting is not available on mobile.

The report can be viewed in Reveal, or downloaded in CSV format. The colored bar highlighting battery level is not included in CSV.

If you have a non-rechargeable tracker that is low on battery, contact Support with the device details to order a new one.

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