ELD Logbook overview

This article provides an overview of ELD Logbook, how the mobile app helps your drivers log their hours of service and stay compliant with FMCSA regulations, and how you, as an administrator, can access your drivers' hours of service information in Reveal.

Verizon Connect Reveal ELD Logbook eliminates the need for paper processing of your drivers’ hours of service (HOS) and keeps you fully compliant with FMCSA regulations for any type of vehicle.

The ELD Logbook mobile app seamlessly tracks HOS information, directly from your vehicles’ engine control modules. This data is synchronized with Reveal, where your fleet managers can get visibility into HOS tracking for all your vehicles.

When your drivers log in to the ELD Logbook app, they can also track non-driving time. This requires minimal interaction and works even when the drivers are away from their vehicle

While ELD Logbook remains compliant without your drivers’ mobile devices being connected to the internet, data plans are required to make use of all functionality and to report data in real-time to Reveal.

Download the ELD Logbook app for iOS devices.

Download the ELD Logbook app for Android devices.

Driver guide

Drivers can access the full list of help articles on how to use the ELD Logbook mobile app here, or directly from the app.

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