Rule sets and exemptions

A rule set is a collection of rules that is applicable to the region that your drivers are driving in. The rules define how long they are allowed to drive or be on duty, and how long breaks need to be. As an administrator, you can define your drivers’ rule set in Reveal, and drivers can’t change their rule set in the Logbook mobile app. Below is a list of rule sets that are supported in Logbook.

Exemptions are changes to the hours of service that are defined by the rule set your drivers are using. Exemptions apply in certain circumstances. In most cases, drivers can choose whether or not to use an exemption that they are entitled to. Below is a list of exemptions that are supported in Logbook.

Supported rule sets

Logbook supports the following rule sets:

  • Federal property 60-hour/7-day

  • Federal property 70-hour/8-day

  • Federal passenger 60-hour/7-day

  • Federal passenger 70-hour/8-day

  • Federal no 30-minute break

  • California property intrastate 80-hour/8-day

  • California passenger intrastate 80-hour/8-day

  • Texas intrastate 70-hour/7-day


Logbook does not currently support Canadian ELD rule sets. For more information see An update on Verizon Connect and the Canadian ELD mandate.

Supported exemptions

Logbook supports the following exemptions:

  • Adverse driving conditions

  • Oilfield operations

  • Sleeper-berth use

  • 16-hour big day exemption (property drivers only)

  • Personal conveyance mode

  • Yard move mode

  • Unregulated driving mode

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