Drivers guide to dashcams and Integrated Video

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What is Integrated Video?

Verizon Connect’s Integrated Video solution with road-facing and driver-facing cameras connects to the Reveal telematics platform to provide fleets, managers, and drivers with a host of benefits.

Your organization can:

  • Review harsh driving events and footage
  • Better protect the company against liability, particularly false claims against drivers
  • Improve driver performance.

How does Integrated Video work?

When an unsafe driving behavior or harsh driving event is detected occurs, a video from your vehicle’s camera is uploaded to Reveal and it’s classified by our AI software. A notification is sent to a driver’s supervisor.

AI Dashcams can notify drivers with real-time in-cab audio alerts. These prompts are designed to encourage safer driving and help protect drivers on the road.

Learn more about how Integrated Video works.

What triggers video events in Reveal?

Footage from the driver and road cameras are uploaded to Reveal and the Integrated Video app when there are:

  • Harsh driving events, such as hard braking, harsh cornering, and hard acceleration.
  • Unsafe driving behaviors, such as tailgating, distraction, smoking, tiredness and using a cellphone.
  • Video requests - Individuals with admin credentials and Integrated Video access can get videos from an SD card.

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Who can see the video recordings?

Your company’s admins and users with the appropriate permissions, as determined by your company’s leadership, can view, or retrieve video footage from the cameras in the situations described above.

How does this affect my privacy?

It is your company’s responsibility to explain how it is processing, using, and sharing videos and data it collects from the camera in the vehicle you use. Videos may be downloaded and shared with the police or insurance companies and used as evidence at the company's discretion.

For EMEA companies, refer to your obligations under GDPR.

Learn about privacy mode and how to enable it.

Audio is not recorded inside the cab.

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