Why video footage is masked

When video footage appears obscured, the camera lens has been covered by a driver. When a lens is covered, the camera AI cannot detect events on the road or in the cab. The camera AI usually recognises the following events:

  • Road camera covered
  • Driver camera covered

You can filter by these events in the Video > Events tab.

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Why is the camera lens covered?

All AI Dashcams are supplied with privacy covers so that drivers can:

  • Cover the road-facing camera lens to mask recording video footage of the road.
  • Cover the driver-facing camera lens to mask recording video footage of inside the cab.

Drivers may cover a camera lens for a variety of reasons. If in doubt, ask your driver why the camera lens is covered.

How to use privacy covers

When privacy covers are used, the camera remains powered on and the vehicle's tracking unit continues to send location plots and harsh driving events to the video feature in Reveal, but video footage is not visible.

Dual-Facing AI Dashcams are supplied with two privacy covers, one for each lens. Road-Facing AI Dashcams come with one privacy cover.

To use the privacy covers, do the following:

  1. Find the drawstring bag containing the privacy covers. This was supplied with the camera. The drawstring bag should be located in the vehicle, somewhere within the driver's reach. For example, in the vehicle's cup holder or driver-side door panel.
  2. Clip the covers over each camera lens. If a lens is not covered, it will continue to record footage of the road and/or driver.
  3. When ready, remove the privacy covers and put them back in the drawstring bag and in a handy location.

How to check a camera's working

If videos are not appearing in the Video > Events tab, check whether a camera is working

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