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Your company may be legally obligated to let drivers know what video data is captured about them. Share this article with your drivers so they know what information is generated by the camera, stored in Reveal, and what it is used for.

Drivers can select privacy mode to stop transferring camera and GPS tracking data to the Reveal platform. When privacy mode is enabled, companies cannot monitor driving or access video from the camera. If privacy mode is not available, drivers may use privacy covers to mask the video being collected.

For information about how your company uses and shares data from the in-vehicle camera, please reference your company’s policies. Some companies may be obliged to share video data with legal authorities if they are required by a subpoena or other demand.

It is your company’s responsibility to ensure that usage of dashcams in vehicles complies with all applicable laws and regulations in your region.

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Is audio recorded inside the cab?

Audio recording is off by default.

Cameras in U.S. government vehicles may have audio enabled. To find out whether audio recording is enabled, ask your Fleet Manager or refer to your company’s policy.

When audio recording is enabled, privacy mode is unavailable and audio continues to be recorded when privacy covers are on.

Read a drivers guide to dashcams and integrated video.

Privacy mode on a road-facing camera (model 2)

When a vehicle is in privacy mode:

  • The vehicle’s tracking unit will not send location plots and harsh driving events to the video feature in Reveal.

  • Video segments are not processed and retained for events such as harsh braking, collisions, or hard acceleration.

  • Videos are recorded on the SD card but cannot be requested.

  • The video will not be captured or uploaded to Reveal.

  • If audio is enabled (only available in select U.S. government vehicles) audio will continue being recorded.

Videos can only be accessed by manually removing the SD card from the camera and using an SD card reader to download the footage.

How to turn on privacy mode

To activate privacy mode, press and hold the vehicle’s privacy button for one second.

A red light will appear on the button’s LED. The vehicle will then display a padlock icon Privacy.png on the Live Map, and the vehicle’s location will no longer update.

How to turn off privacy mode

How you disable privacy mode depends on the device’s configuration. You need to either:

  • Press and hold the privacy button for one second until the red light goes off, or

  • Turn off the ignition.

Privacy mode on an AI Dashcam

When a vehicle is in privacy mode:

  • Video footage will not be captured.

  • Video data is uploaded to Reveal.

  • Video data is recorded on the SD card.

  • If audio is enabled (only available in select U.S. government vehicles) audio will continue being recorded.

How to enable privacy mode

If you have an AI Dashcam you can use the privacy cover to mask video recording of road or driver footage. A privacy cover for a road-facing camera (model 2) is available on request.

When privacy covers are used, the camera remains powered on and the vehicle’s tracking unit continues to send location plots, harsh driving events and audio recording to the video feature in Reveal, but video footage is not visible.

Dual-Facing AI Dashcams are supplied with two privacy covers, one for each lens. Road-Facing AI Dashcams come with one privacy cover.

To use the privacy covers, do the following:

  1. Find the drawstring bag containing the privacy covers. This was supplied with the camera. The drawstring bag should be located in the vehicle, somewhere within the driver’s reach. For example, in the vehicle's cup holder or driver-side door panel. Contact your fleet manager if you’re unable to locate the privacy covers.

  2. Clip the covers over each camera lens. If a lens is not covered, it will continue to record footage of the road and/or driver.

How to turn off privacy mode

Remove the privacy covers and put them back in the drawstring bag and in a handy location. Video footage can now be captured and uploaded to Reveal.

How Reveal uses driver data

Video events associated with each driver are available in the Driver safety profile.

Learn more about the driver safety profile.

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