Video and privacy mode

Drivers can select privacy mode to stop transferring camera and GPS tracking data to the Reveal platform. This means that companies cannot monitor driving when privacy mode is enabled.

Companies may be obliged to share this video data with the legal authorities if sufficient legal authorisation is presented.

What happens in privacy mode?

When a vehicle is in privacy mode:

  • The vehicle’s tracking unit will not send location plots and harsh driving events to the video feature in Reveal.
  • Video segments are not generated for events such as harsh braking, collisions, or hard acceleration.
  • You cannot request videos using the Video on Demand feature.

Is privacy mode available in all vehicles?

Privacy mode may only be enabled on a vehicle if:

  • The vehicle is equipped with a privacy button on the dashboard.
  • The privacy option is enabled on the account.

How to turn on privacy mode

To activate privacy mode, press and hold the vehicle’s privacy button for one second.

A red light will appear on the button’s LED. The vehicle will then display a padlock icon Privacy_mode.pngon the Live Map, and the vehicle’s location will no longer update.

How to turn off privacy mode

How you disable privacy mode depends on the device’s configuration. You need to either:

  • Press and hold the privacy button for one second until the red light goes off, or
  • Turn off the ignition.

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