Geofence report

This report identifies time spent at geofences (also known as places) that have been set up within Reveal. This information helps you monitor the frequency and duration of visits to those key locations. Additionally, you can use this information for auditing payrolls and for billing time spent on site.

To run this report, see Run a report.



Report options

  • Only show events in the following places: To open the popup window click Select. Choose locations from the popup window and click Confirm.
  • Addresses for report: To open the popup window click Add. Type an address in the search box and press Enter. Select the address from the list and click Add.
  • Group by: Choose to group results by Vehicles or Geofences.


Advanced options

  • Include all activity, not just stops: Leave this option clear to display only stops.
  • Show locations not visited in the report: Leave this option clear to display only visited locations.
  • Stop filters: Choose to include Both Ignition Off and Idle Stops (the start and end of a stop is measured by vehicle movement) or Ignition Off Stops only (the start and end of a stop is measured from when the ignition is turned on and off).
  • Hide Stops less than x minutes: Set the time (in minutes) from which a stop is shown. Stops that are shorter than this time are considered driving time and not displayed as a stop.
  • Include page break between drivers: Select this option to display each driver on a separate page. This separation can make it easier to carry out administrative tasks on the report.
  • Days to include: Choose which days to include in the report.
  • Time Zone: Whether to base the time zone in the report on User, Vehicle, or UTC.
  • Include time range: Select the time range to include in the report.
  • Region: Select your country.

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