Travel and stops report

This report displays total idling time, total driving time and distance, and total standing time. For each journey, you can view the start location and time, stop location and arrival time, and time spent at the location. Use this report to improve efficiency by identifying long travel and stop times.

To run this report, see Run a report.



Report options

Select which sensors to include, and choose to view when sensors are "Switched On and Off", "Switched On Only", or "Switched Off Only". Sensors are on-board equipment such as Lifts, PTOs, and Trailer Door Sensors, that are installed on vehicles.


Advanced options

  • Show: Select from "Address Only", "Geofences", or "Both geofences and addresses" to determine whether to show the addresses of places, or geofences that you have created, or both.
  • Include closest x Geofences: Select the number of nearby geofences to display, from 1 to 5.
  • Stop filters: Choose to include Both Ignition Off and Idle Stops (the start and end of a stop is measured by vehicle movement) or Ignition Off Stops only (the start and end of a stop is measured from when the ignition is turned on and off).
  • Hide Stops less than x minutes: Set the time (in minutes) from which a stop is shown. Stops that are shorter than this time are considered driving time and not displayed as a stop.
  • Time Zone: Whether to base the time zone in the report on User, Vehicle, or UTC.
  • Include time range: Select the time range to include in the report.
  • Region: Select your country.

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