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The Find Nearest function allows you to enter an address, or the location of a vehicle or asset, and then see the 10 vehicles or assets that are closest to that point.

There are three different ways to access the Find Nearest function from the Live Map:

  • Right-click on any location on the Live Map.
  • Right-click on the status icon of any vehicle (or driver or asset) on the Live Map.
  • Use the three-dot icon found beside each vehicle or asset in the Vehicle Status list.


Using Find Nearest

The Find Nearest function opens another map in a separate window.

You will see a list of active vehicles and assets nearest to the location that you selected on the Live Map, on the left. The list will show up to 10 of the closest vehicles or assets, that have been active in the last 24 hours.

If you do not see a full list of vehicles:

  • Check the Group: Vehicles Selected drop-down, to make sure you have selected all the relevant groups of vehicles.
  • Change your Time Frame - by default, only vehicles that have been updated in the last three days will be shown.

Each vehicle or asset in the list will show their distance from the point you indicated, and an estimated time for the journey between the two points.

From the list, you can get directions to a specific vehicle using the GET DIRECTIONS button. You will be shown the distance between the two points, and also an estimated time for the journey.

Estimated time results shown within Find Nearest are powered by Google Maps. Google uses various factors to calculate estimated time, including:

  • Available data in an area
  • Speed limits and recommended speeds
  • Speeds derived from road types
  • Historical average speed data
  • Actual travel times from previous users
  • Real-time traffic information

Note: When you select a vehicle or assets location, you are selecting its location at that time. You are not selecting an actual vehicle or asset, which can continue moving to another location.

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