Manage users, technicians and groups

Depending on your permissions, you can:

  • Manage users, technicians, and groups
  • Create technicians and groups

How to manage users, technicians and groups

  1. In Scheduler, select the settings icon to go to Account Settings.

  2. From the side menu, select from: Users, Technicians, or Groups.


To manage users

From the side menu, click Users > User and Roles section of Reveal. This takes you to the admin section of Reveal where you can choose to create a new user, invite multiple users, or view a list of users.


To create and manage technicians

From the side menu, click Technicians > drivers/technicians section of Reveal and choose if you want to create a new driver/technician or view your driver/technician list.


To create and manage groups

From the side menu, click Groups > Groups section of Reveal and choose Manage Groups. View and edit your groups from there.



Next in account settings, learn how to:

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