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Finding a technician

When you choose GET SMART RECOMMENDATIONS, the Scheduler suggests a list of technicians for your job. For more information, read the Smart recommendations overview.

      1. Filter the list of technicians based on the following options:
        • Available: This shows the names of technicians who are available to do the job at the specified time.
        • Skilled: This shows the names of technicians who have the appropriate skills for the job. The technician names will have been added in account settings. For more information see Add technicians’ skills.
        • Knows customer: This shows the names of technicians who have done jobs for the customer in the past.
      2. Sort the list of technicians based on the following options:
        • Total travel time: This sorts the list of technicians by travel time from their previous appointment to the customer location.
        • Schedule efficiency: This sorts the list of technicians by their availability (that is, technicians who are not busy at other jobs) and the travel time to the job.
        • Knows customer: This sorts the list of technicians by how many jobs they have done for the customer in the past.
        • Unsorted: This shows the list in its default order.
          The status for each recommended technician is displayed on their tile. Statuses include “Busy”, “Available”, and “Off-duty”.

          The sorting component you have chosen is displayed above the list. For example, in the following screenshot, the list has been sorted by Total travel time:
          You will only see the "Total travel time" and "Schedule efficiency" options if your job is scheduled for today.
      3. Select your technician. To dispatch the job, select the Send job to technicians toggle.
      4. Click SAVE.


Smart recommendations lets you segment and filter your technicians based on their skills, availability, and previous experience with the customer.


You can apply any one of these filters or you can combine them. For example, you might want to see technicians that have a particular skill AND are available at a specific time.

Filters simplify your view of technician recommendations, so you can quickly find the one who best meets your requirements.


Shortlisting technicians

You can shortlist which technicians are included in your Smart recommendations in order to filter them more efficiently.

To do this, follow these steps:

1. Open the Technicians drop-down menu above your technicians’ names.


2. Select the technicians you want to include by checking the box next to their names.


Checking the box next to a group name selects all technicians in that group.

To view all your technicians, use the SELECT ALL option at the top of the menu.

3. Once you are happy with the list, click Apply.


4. View your recommendations. Remember, only the technicians you selected will appear. You can change your selected technicians at any time.


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