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Job cards

In the Reveal Field Mobile App, job details are displayed on job cards. Each job has its own job card.

You can view job cards in My jobs under TODAY, UPCOMING, and OVERDUE, depending on their status.
From here, job cards show the following information about a job:

  • Status
  • Duration
  • Job ID
  • Type
  • Contact details
  • Location
  • Description

Here is an example of a job card:


To get more information about a job, such as that shown on the image below, tap the job card.


From this screen, you can update the status of your job to share your progress with your office.
You can also add photos, notes, and signatures to the Job record by tapping the plus icon + in the bottom right.
To learn more, read this guide on how to add photos, notes, and signatures.

Jobs with related work

If there is related work for an assigned job, such as a previous site visit, or if more work is scheduled for a job, this message shows under Job To Do:

When this message occurs, you can find the details of the related work in either/or:

  • The UPCOMING section - if the related work is scheduled for within a month’s time.
  • The Job record section - if this job has past related work and associated photos, notes, and signatures.

The related work will have the same Job ID as the job that has been assigned to you.

Job record

If there are photos, notes and/or signatures associated with your job, view them by tapping the Job record section or choose View all.

Team members

If there are other team members assigned to your job, view them in the Team members or View all sections. You can contact them directly via phone call or text message from here.

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