See groups on Live Map

Groups are a way of organising your vehicles, drivers, assets, and users, so they are more easily manageable.

For example, you could create groups with a number of your vehicles, drivers, or assets, according to the region they work in, or the function they carry out. Then you could view that group separately from the rest of your fleet.

You can choose to display vehicles and assets according to their group on the Live Map.

Groups can contain any combination of vehicles, drivers, and assets.


Select Groups in the Fleet Selection tab

  1. Open the panel on the left side of the map, using the icon.
  2. In the panel, open the Fleet selection tab by selecting the vehicle_selection_tab.png icon.
  3. Select Groups from the options. You will see a list of your Groups (if you have created groups), in alphabetical order.
  4. Use the + symbol beside the words Entire Fleet to expand and see the full list of groups.

Use the check boxes beside each group name to indicate which you want to see on the map. You can display your entire list, or just a few groups.

If a group has more than one item, you can expand it from within the list to see the drivers and vehicles.

You can decide if a vehicle, driver, or asset is to be shown on the map with the others in that group, by using the check boxes.

As you make your selection from the list, the map will automatically refresh to show you the locations of selected objects from the groups.

Close the panel if you want to see more of the map.

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