See non-powered assets on Live Map

To see non-powered assets from your fleet on Live Map, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Fleet Status tab vehicle_status_image.png.
  2. Select the non-powered asset you want to see on the map.
  3. Zoom out to see all your visible assets and vehicles on the map.


When you click on a non-powered asset on the map, a pop-up opens with the following details and actions:

  • Non-powered asset name
  • Date and time when the non-powered asset’s details were last updated
  • The asset's last reported location
  • ZOOM TO - Zoom the map so that the non-powered asset is shown in the centre of the zoomed-in map
  • STREET VIEW - Change to street view near the non-powered asset’s current location
  • LOCATION HISTORY - Go to the Location History tab for this non-powered asset to view the non-powered asset’s most recent location updates.


Not seeing non-powered assets?

If you don’t see any non-powered assets, you need to:

  1. Click the Fleet Selection tab vehicle_selection_tab.JPG.
  2. Select the non-powered assets you want to see.
  3. Go back to the Fleet Status tab and the non-powered assets are now listed.

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