Report type overview

Available reports vary depending on your account. Report types are organised into the following categories:

  • Journey: View distances travelled, idling time, long or unauthorised stops, and a breakdown of daily costs.
  • Activity: View activity such as daily movement, visited landmarks, and equipment use.
  • Field scheduler: View technician activities, and actual time vs estimated time on jobs.
  • Admin: View daily and weekly timecard activity, and payroll information.
  • Safety: View driver behaviour such as hard braking and hard cornering.
  • Compliance: View driver logs, hours of service (HOS) violations, and vehicle inspection reports.
  • Fuel: View fuel consumption, fuel purchases, and carbon footprint calculations.
  • Vehicle health: View a summary of service plans and maintenance history, as well as where vehicles lost power and could not be tracked.
  • Work orders: View work order summaries and variances.

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