What is fuel card integration?

Fuel card integration is when you link a fuel card to Verizon Connect Reveal. Once integrated, the data from a fuel card can help do the following:

  • Monitor your fuel budget
    The Fuel purchased report shows the fuel transactions for each vehicle.
    This can serve as a baseline for fuel usage improvements and accountability.
  • Identify inefficient drivers and vehicles
    The Fuel efficiency report highlight idling, harsh driving and speeding events.
    This information can be used to improve vehicle safety, efficiency and reduce L/100 km used.
  • Detect fuel card abuse
    The Lost fuel report highlights incidents where a vehicle was not at the fuel pump when its assigned card was used.
    It also detects when the litres pumped exceeded the fuel tank size of the assigned vehicle.
  • Decrease your environmental impact
    The Carbon footprint report calculates the carbon footprint of each vehicle and fleet.

To integrate your fuel card, you must request an integration from your provider, add or upload your fuel cards, and then assign fuel cards to vehicles.
We do not support fuel-card to driver assignment.

Note: Fuel card transactions will only show in Reveal when a fuel card is assigned to a vehicle.


The following providers are available for integration:

Fuel Provider Region Current Status
Allstar UK Live
AmeriFuel US Live
Circle K IRELAND Live
Applegreen IRELAND  
Comdata US Live
Effectivale MEXICO Live


Fuel Card Services UK Live
Fuelman US Live
Keyfuels UK Live
The FuelCard Company UK Live


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